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Mac Repairs

Macbook & iMac Repairs

St Ives IT Solutions can fix all iMac and Macbook Models

St Ives IT Solutions Offer a fast Macbook & iMac repair service on a £55 NO FIX NO FEE basis.

Your Apple devices play a major role in your professional & personal life, but when they stop working it can bring life to a standstill.
That’s when you want a professional who is reliable, trustworthy & cares about you, your device & its data. St ives IT Solutions are an apple repair shop can get the job done quickly & effectively to get you moving again & FAST.

We’re experts in all Apple product repair, anything from iPhone to MacBook repair we have got you. Our professional technicians can perform same day iPhone repair, ensuring that your device is working perfectly before it is returned to you. We don’t only offer repairs we also refurbish damaged Apple products and get them working like brand-new again, delivering affordable Apple devices to our customers.


Macbook & iMac Upgrades

St Ives IT Solutions can upgrade all iMac and Macbook Models

St Ives IT Solutions Offer fast Macbook & iMac upgrades

Upgrade Your Hard Drive to an SSD or swap your DVD to SSD

Solid-State Hard Drives are without doubt the best upgrade you can make to your Imac / Macbook. The super fast hard drive enables your software to launch quicker and your operating system to boot faster, as in seconds not minutes.

Simply put, it’s one of the most noticeable upgrades you can make and one you will truly benefit from as most models can certainly utilise the SSD capabilities.

Add Extra Memory –  RAM

If you decide to upgrade, adding RAM to a Mac is fairly straight-forward and a quick boost. We offer a complete RAM (memory) upgrade service for your iMac, MacBook, MacMini or Mac Pro. For instance, we can upgrade your system from 4GB to 8GB, 8GB to 16GB or from 16GB to 32GB.