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PC & Laptop Repairs

PC & Laptop Repairs

St Ives IT Solutions can fix all makes of laptops and PC's

St Ives IT Solutions Offer a fast PC, Laptop and Notebook repair service on a £40 NO FIX NO FEE basis.

Virus Removal – Malware, Spyware, Rootkit, Worm & Trojan Removal – If your PC or laptop is presenting problems such as slow speed, sudden freezes and crashes, showing false error messages and advertisements, or missing files, it is a highly likely scenario that it has been infected by a virus or a malware. The virus can be extremely harmful for your device. especially if you use home networking with connected devices and frequently share data among them.

Laptop and notebook power connection faults – often occur which will result in the laptop battery not being charged and the laptop not switching on once the battery has fully drained. Sometimes you can wiggle the connector to get the charging light to illuminate. We can replace  the connector within the laptop.

Laptop and notebook screen and display faults – fragile glass-fronted screens which are easily broken from falls, knocks and other accidents. We can replace the LCD screens in the case of Laptops, Some laptops are more complex in that their screens are sealed and can sometimes require us to replace the entire top section.

Hard drive faults on PC’s & laptops are quite frequent due to the laptop being a mobile device and liable to being dropped or banged around. If Windows doesn’t work properly and there are frequent crashes or lockups then it may be that your laptop hard drive is damaged. If this is the case, we can attempt recovery of your data and replace the hard drive, A SSD (solid state hard drive) is now recommended for speed and reliability.


We repair all makes of PC’s, laptops and notebooks including Dell, Acer, HP, Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo and Packard-Bell.